and Jurassic Food Stuffs are specially
produced for vegetarians all over the world.




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Jurassic Snacks


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Young and old in Myanmar fond of the pickled tea, which is a traditional delicacy. The pickled tea, mixed with fried ... details



Fried Potatoes.....
Tea Leaves.....
Crispy Fried Gram .....
Roasted Lima Beans .....
Roasted Lima Beans....details


Various Kinds of Jurassic Snacks - Kabar Kyaw High Class Food Stuffs

(a) Jurassic Fried Potatoes (Hot) / (Sweet)
(b) Jurassic Fried Potatoes
Fresh potato skin-less chip fried with very nice edible oil for all aces to eat.
Delicious to eat with Tomato Sauce.
(c) Jurassic Taunggyi Fried Beans
(d) Jurassic Roasted Lima Beans