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Young and old in Myanmar fond of the pickled tea, which is a traditional delicacy. The pickled tea, mixed with fried ... details



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Roasted Lima Beans....details


Our Profile - Kabar Kyaw High Class Food Stuffs

  • Kabar Kyaw Foods and Snack Production had been founded in last 2001.

  • It has (90) workers and stands as a family business.
    Its Sales Centre has opened at Theingyizay Market and it has (1) Branch Shop.It's planning to open another branch sales centers.

  • In Yangon door-to-door sales system has been practicing. In other towns out side Yangon, it has been distributing through Agents transporting the goods up to Port and Bus Terminal.

  • Now pickled Tea Leaves and Special 7-layer Fried Beans have been exporting to America, Singapore and Malaysia.

Whole Sale Centre

No(41), In front of Thangyizay (D) Yone,
Anawyahtar Road and Coner of Shwedagon Pagoda Road,
Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: (+951) 240600 ext:(289) ,(+959)9972625