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Young and old in Myanmar fond of the pickled tea, which is a traditional delicacy. The pickled tea, mixed with fried ... details



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Tea Leaves - Kabar Kyaw High Class Food Stuffs

Pickled Tea Leaves

(a) Kabar Kyaw Mogok Cho-seint (Sweet & Tasty) Pickled Tea-leaves.
(b) Kabar Kyaw Mogok Chin-sat (Sour & hot) Pickled Tea-leaves
(c) Kabar Kyaw Carambola Pickled Ginger (Sour)

Kabar Kyaw Mogok Pickled Tea-leaves are made of little sprouts of Tea Leaves. (In order to pickle and preserve them so also to be in accord with health its sprouts are washed and washed so as to squeeze out astringent liquid) After that it was pickled with natural alum to have its taste. It is also guaranteed not to affect one's health as Myanmar Traditional Pickled Tea Leave is pickled and processed by using natural resources without reducing its flavor.

Myanmar Pickled Tea Leaves can be ordered in the package of one-use, in Pound Packages or in weight at one's wish as it was pickled only with purified groundnut oil.


Dry Plain Tea Leaves

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